Hi Geeky one,

I currently ride a medium Stiffee from Cove Bikes, but it is getting kind of old and I’m looking for more.  I like to ride it aggressively and hit a few jumps.  I tried a small Foreplay (also from Cove bikes) but it wasn’t for me. Do you stock Cove bikes?  Is it something you can order?  Please let me know. I really like Cove bikes so I’d like to try out another one. I love having my Stiffee but now I can use a Hummer or a Handjob.

Thank you,

Lonely and confused

Aaaaah! Cove Bikes. I had the pleasure of demoing some of their bikes at last years Interbike bicycle convention in Las Vegas.  I started the day off looking for the G-Spot but couldn’t find it. I decided not to waist anymore time and moved onto a Hooker. By the end of the day I had an STD. Good times!  I unfortunately do not deal with Cove Bikes. I do however carry and could recommend to you an Ellsworth Epiphany, Intense Tracer or Giant Reign. Any of which I believe will suit your preferred riding style.

-The Bike Geek

If  you feel somewhat lost after reading this post check out http://www.covebikeusa.com/products/bikes