Hey Bike Geek,

I’m relocating to Bay Ridge in the next couple of weeks and looking to get a bicycle to get around the neighborhood. I’m new to biking and don’t know much about bicycles. Also – current budget can’t go over $500. Any suggestions? Anything in your shop that you think would be suitable/affordable?


Welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to the wonderful world of bicycling. We have several different brands and styles of bikes for you to choose from in your price range. Without overwhelming you with information I’m going to give you a couple of recommendations and then give you a couple of links to some bike companies that we carry that you can check out online.

The Marin Larkspur is a great bike for city riding and it retails for $499. The Giant Cypress is a nice comfort bike and goes for $350.

If a single geared bike interests you I recommend Strada Customs. A bike from them goes for $450 and they give you color options to customize different parts of the bike.

Check out:

The best thing to do is come into the store and test ride a couple of different models to see what you feel most comfortable with.

The Bike Geek