Hello Bike Geek,
My girlfriend wants a specific type of bike and the only ones I can find have coaster brakes which she is totally against.  Can you tell me how much I should expect to spend in order to convert the coaster brakes to handbrakes?

I’m guessing your girlfriend is either interested in buying a Beach Cruiser or some sort of retro style bike being their basically the two most common bikes that come with a coaster brake. If that is the case check out Phatcycles.com and Electrabike.com. We carry both brands at the shop. They both have a wide assortment of bikes that come with coaster brakes and hand brakes. If you are just looking to add a front hand brake to a bike with a coaster brake your looking at $50. Now if she doesn’t want a coaster brake at all because she wants to be able to pedal backwards freely (a freewheel) you would have to replace the rear wheel and put on a freewheel cassette which would cost you around $65.

-The Bike Geek